Dallen Lambson

Dallen Lambson was born March 4, 1977 to Hayden and Cheryl Lambson in Pocatello Idaho. He was the third of eight children and has always felt blessed to grow up in a large family. Dallen has always considered his family and upbringing to be a significant influence for good in his life. “There is something very stabilizing that comes with being raised in a home where God and family take priority.” He has fond memories of road trips, camping, hunting, and fishing with his family. It was in that setting that he began to develop an interest in the work his Dad was doing as a wildlife artist.

Dallen went on to graduate from Highland High School in 1995. Following high school he served a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the upstate New York area. Upon returning home he went on to get an associate’s degree in General Business from Ricks College and later a Bachelor’s in Business Management from ISU.

Like many things, success in the wildlife art industry requires some fortunate breaks along the way; people willing to steer you in the right direction and point you to the right people. “My Dad has been my biggest advocate. His efforts, combined with those of so many others, have been the driving force in this venture. Furthermore, I am one of those who believe that all good things in this life come from a loving Father in Heaven. To Him I am most grateful, and sincerely hope that my conduct and character reflect that gratitude.”

Dallen Lambson, a second generation artist, has been fully immersed in the world of artistry throughout his life. Honored as Artist of the Year by both the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Mule Deer Foundation, many have come to appreciate Dallen's keen eye and steady hand. Drawing inspiration from God's canvas in the picturesque setting of Southeast Idaho, Dallen attributes his love of the outdoors to a rich family history spent outdoors hiking, fishing, and hunting.